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Price Of Bitcoin Exceeds US$1000… What’s Next?

  Hi everyone, Jonathan here with a quick bitcoin news update. I am very excited about this update because there has been a lot of developments in the bitcoin world for the past few weeks. To start off, the price of bitcoin has exceeded US$1000 at Mt. Gox. This is so much faster than what I […]

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Will The Bitcoin Price Hit US$1000? It May Well Be.

Hi everyone, Jonathan here with a quick bitcoin news update. There has been a lot of speculation that the bitcoin price may hit US$1000/BTC by the end of this year. Well, it may well be coming true and here’s why: First of all, China is slowly showing its dominance in the bitcoin market by becoming […]

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The World’s 1st Bitcoin ATM Robocoin Goes Live In Vancouver Canada

Hey guys, Jonathan here with a quick update on the latest happenings in the bitcoin world. I just received news that the world’s first bitcoin ATM, Robocoin is launched in Waves coffee shop at Vancouver, Canada a few days back. Here is a look at how it works:   Pretty cool, isn’t it? Some key […]

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Bitcoin And You

In this economy, a lot of people are really anxious about the future and what it may bring for currency. A lot of people have worked really hard for their money and they want to make sure that they get to keep it and pass it on to future generations. That’s why certain currencies have […]

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