Hey guys! Jonathan here with a very important update on the mode setting of your btc robot. Please use Aggressive mode only.


Personally, I have been using the Medium Risk setting for close to 2 months now and it is not delivering the results that I am expecting when compared to the btc robot development team’s results as seen below:

As you can see from the profits graph, the robot has been making a profit ever since its launch in mid-August 2013.

For example, let’s take 20 Aug 2013, where the profit is US$15,000. Now, on 19 Oct 2013, the profit is about US$21,436.73. Based on 2 months of performance, the return on investment is US$6436.73 (US$21,436.73 – US$15,000), about 42.9% (US$6436,73 / US$15,000).

As for my BTC Robot’s performance, my profit till date is US$32.65 (US$537.26 – US$504.61), about 6.47% (US$32.65 / US$504.61) return on my total investment.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that Medium Risk is not the best setting for your robot.

In fact, I have verified this fact with the BTC Robot development team as you can see below.

They have many live accounts on different settings and found out that the one with the best results is on Aggressive mode.

This further confirms my findings that Aggressive mode is a better setting.

So for folks who are still on Medium Risk, do switch it to Aggressive now. Don’t delay any longer.

To your bitcoin trading success!

6 Response to BTC Robot Mode Setting Update

  1. Sehan on October 22, 2013

    Hay, how you are doing with the “Aggressive” mode now???

    • Jonathan on October 22, 2013

      Hi Sehan,

      I am making a 27% return on my initial investment of about US$500. It is so much better than what I had previously. 🙂


  2. Charles on October 26, 2013

    What’s your current return with aggressive mode?

    • Jonathan on October 26, 2013

      Hi Charles,

      About 20% return.


  3. Samuel on November 16, 2013

    My robot has been losing money even if the btc prices are rising. I’ve followed all the trades since my intial deposit and the robot always buys high and sells low and i have a platinum account and its on aggressive mode. Can you please explain to me how losing my btc value everyday is a profit?

    • Jonathan on November 21, 2013

      Hi Samuel,

      You have only tested the robot for a few days. You cannot judge its performance based on a few days of trading. All I can say is that the majority of trades which are carried out by the robot is profitable. Hence, you will still be better off in the long run.



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