Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in update because I was celebrating Chinese New Year over the past few days with my family. Here’s wishing our Chinese readers a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

How was my robot’s performance for this month?

Monthly Profit: US$1273.59 – US$1269.05 = + US$4.54

Monthly Return: US$4.54 / US$1269.05 = + 0.35%

I know the return for this month is kind of pathetic but it is much better than last month when I made a loss. From 21 Jan to 31 Jan, there wasn’t any trade from the robot even though the price of bitcoin was moving. This can be verified from my btc-e trade history.

I have checked with the support team with regards to this issue and this is the response that I got from them:

BTC Robot Not Trading

That explains why I could be missing out on some opportunities to make money from the change in prices.

Why did this happened? 

Jan 2014 Bitcoin Price

As you can see from the price chart above, there wasn’t much movement in the price of bitcoin after it dropped from a high of US$1000 in 6 Jan to a low of US$700+ on 7 Jan. Ever since the drop took place, the price has been moving between US$700+ to US$800+. Even if you bought your bitcoins in January and held on to them, you probably won’t make much money as well.

I will not be going through the trade history since you have already seen it in my video.

That’s all folks for this month! I heard that eBay is going to accept bitcoins in February. Therefore, I am sure it is going to be an exciting month ahead.

Feel free to leave your comments below or ask me any questions. I will do my best to help you out.

To your bitcoin trading success!

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