Hi guys, this is Jonathan with an update on my BTC Robot performance after 4 weeks of using it at Medium Risk setting.

If you are new to btc robot, visit this link to find out more about it.

Before I go into the actual review itself, let me address some common questions and the solutions to them.

Firstly, if the funds in your btc robot member’s area is not showing correctly, you need to inform the support team to help you re-install the robot. You have to do this whenever you top up your btc-e account with money. Use the subject line: Re-installation of BTC Robot for your emails.

For silver and gold members, use this email to contact the support: support@btcrobot.com

For platinum members, use this email: platinum@btcrobot.com

Secondly, when you observe a lack of activity in your member’s area, you should verify it by logging into your btc-e account and examine the trade history. If that is really the case, you need to inform the support team about it. The emails are the same as above.

Thirdly, which settings should I choose? It really depends on you. For Medium Risk, the robot will perform more short-term trades. For Aggressive, the robot will perform long-term trades. Therefore, the trading frequency will be much lower compared to Medium Risk.

So which is better? Aggressive or Medium Risk? 

I don’t have the answer to this question yet. That is why I need your support to help me conduct this case study by purchasing the robot through my link here.

This will provide me with the funds needed to conduct the study to serve you and other people better. Whether you decide to buy the robot through my link or not, you will still be paying the same amount of money for it. Therefore, I really hope that you can support me. 🙂

Here is a screenshot of my btc robot’s performance for this week:

I made a loss of US$6.24 for this week because my profit started to dwindle at the end of this week as you can see from the graph (Sep 19 to Sep 20). Therefore, my overall profit stands at US$13.71 (US$346.32 – US$332.61), which is about 4.1% return on my initial investment. Not too bad after using the robot for 1 month.

I believe the best is yet to come with the latest developments in the bitcoin industry. In fact, a few of the shops in Singapore are starting to accept bitcoins as a form of payment. With more merchants accepting bitcoins as a form of payment, the demand for them will continue to increase. Therefore, you can expect a spike in prices in months to come. 🙂

Moving on to my btc-e trades for the week,

From the table, you can see there is a lack of volatility on 17 Sep and 18 Sep 2013 due to the limited number of trades executed. The volatility started to pick up on 19 Sep through 20 Sep 2013 as there are many more trades performed compared to the previous 2 days. So that is how you detect the amount of activity happening in the marketplace. 🙂

That’s all for this week folks! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a mail. I will be glad to help you out. 🙂

To your bitcoin trading success!

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