Hey guys! Jonathan here with an update on my BTC Robot performance after using it for 5 weeks.

Here is a screenshot of my robot’s performance for this week:

week 5 btc robot update


As you can observe from the graph, my robot only started trading on 24 Sep 2013 because it stopped its trading activities from 21 Sep to 23 Sep. Hence, I had to get it refreshed with the support’s help.

For this week, I made a profit of US$2.01. Therefore, my overall profit stands at US$15.72, which is about 4.7% on my initial investment of US$332.61. A slight improvement of 0.6% from the previous week.

Here is a summary of trades that took place for this week according to my btc-e account:

week 5 btc-e trades

From the table, you can see a lack of activity for a total period of 3 days from 21 Sep 2013 to 23 Sep 2013. Therefore, whenever you see such phenomenal happening, you should seek help from the support team to refresh your robot so that you do not miss out on any profit opportunities.

That’s all for this week! If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments in the post below.

To your bitcoin trading success!

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