Hey guys! This is Jonathan with my week 6 update of my BTC Robot performance at Medium Risk setting.

What I did for this week?

I have topped up my btc-e account with US$172 on 30 Sep 2013. Therefore, my total capital investment is US$504.61 (US$332.61 + US$172).

What happened this week?

I made a loss of US$7.39 due to a significant event which took place on 2 Oct 2013. Here is a screenshot of what happened:

This event actually led to a dip in bitcoin prices from US$120+ to about US$100 as seen below on 3 Oct 2013.

That explains why I made a loss of US$7.39 for this week. Hence, my overall profit stands at US$8.33, which is 1.65% return on investment. From the graph, you can see that my trading only started on 1 Oct 2013 because I had to reactivate my robot after topping up my btc-e account on 30 Sep 2013.

Here is a summary of trades that took place for this week according to my btc-e account:

From this table, you can see that my trading only resumed on 1 Oct 2013 after activating the robot. The volatility for 1 Oct 2013 is pretty low compared to other days of the week.

The volatility was the highest for the entire week on 4 Oct 2013 since it has the most number of trades compared to other days. In fact, it is slowly gaining in momentum.

From what I have observed for this week, I believed the price of bitcoin is going to increase in the following week. Therefore, I am very excited about it.

Feel free to share with me your results for the week. I would love to hear from you. You can just use the comments box that I have below.

To your bitcoin trading success!

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