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Have you heard about the Bitcoin craze? Bitcoins are a virtual currency, developed by the internet community, that are thought to someday replace the currency systems that we have around the world today so that they can be condensed into one, single currency.

Of course, there are lots of concerns that can come with this, the most obvious being security. Many people are hesitant to use Bitcoins because they are worried that they may not be secure or safe to use.

But now, there’s a new way to store all of those Bitcoins that you may have accumulated; Trezor. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Trezor so you can make a decision as to whether or not it is the right Bitcoin wallet for your purposes.

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What Is Trezor?

Are you concerned about internet security when it comes to your cash? That’s how it should be; millions of people get their identity stolen online every single year. But what if there was a way to keep your virtual currency (i.e. Bitcoins) safe whether you were online or offline?

That’s the role that Trezor wants to play. If your computer and/or internet connection get compromised, your Bitcoins will stay safe and secure with Trezor.

It is a Bitcoin wallet that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, so that you can access it no matter what computer you are on.

Here are some of the best features of Trezor’s bitcoin wallet:

– The environment is isolated, which means that your transactions are signed offline instead of online, so you have the best in security, no matter where you are accessing your Bitcoin wallet from.

– Instead of struggling through complicated features, the Trezor is actually incredibly easy for you to use. It is intuitive; many people don’t even need to consult a user manual in order to be able to utilize and access it.

– The encryption on the Trezor is the best available on the market today. So instead of worrying about whether or not your connection is secure, Trezor insures that every Bitcoin is safe.

Open source technology that utilizes input from every Trezor user ensures that the technology is up-to-date and always changing to keep up with new trends.

The Trezor community and interface are both very intuitive, and they work together to make sure that you have the best in everything that you are looking for in a Bitcoin wallet.

How Does Trezor Work?

It’s actually fairly easy, especially when compared to other methods of making transactions with online wallets. Here is the simple, step-by-step process that you follow in order to use your Trezor.

– You connect your Trezor to your computer via USB port. The software downloads automatically, and it is ready to go in just a few minutes.

– You input your master public key, which is the key that you use to utilize all of your Bitcoin information. It encrypts this information and keeps it safe, while giving you access to each and every one of your Bitcoin accounts.

– When you are looking to do a transaction, the Trezor gets an alert. It then displays the transaction and asks for your confirmation before signing the transaction with a private key that only the Trezor knows. Then, the signed transaction goes where you want it to go. See, it’s simpler than any other application that you have to deal with on the web today.

Here’s a really good video to illustrate how simple it is to set up your Trezor and perform transactions:

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What Are Other People Saying About Trezor?

There are many people who have found Trezor and love using it as their only BitCoin wallet. Want to see what other people are saying about it? Here are some customer reviews that you can take a look at for yourself:

“As Trezor is a hardware wallet, it cannot never be infected by viruses and malware. Hence, your bitcoins will be safe. They are an exciting step in the evolution of Bitcoin from an experiment for geeks to a payment system anybody can use.” – Gavin A.

“I believe that when complete, TREZOR will have redefined state-of-the-art in financial security. Even the best banks today only issue customers with hardware calculators but these don’t match the safety and ease-of-use of TREZOR. This project is showing that the Bitcoin community can rise to even the toughest challenges presented by truly decentralized money.” – Mike H.

“Excellent design with nice FAQ explanation on their webpage, in case you too are curious about how it works. Nice integration of element and by the way nice little gadget. Hope this will be in the future nice tool to make transaction all over the world, easy and secure.” – Annie K.

Trezor is the future of Bitcoins. What more could you want? The wallet makes sure that your bitcoins are safe and secure, and may be able to play a huge role in helping Bitcoins come to the forefront of decentralized currency.

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Last Updated 27 Oct 2017

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