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BTC Robot Update 1.3 And Litecoin Robot Launch

  Hey guys, Jonathan here with an update on the latest developments for BTC robot in the month of Feb 2014. First of all, update 1.3 has been released. This is an update that is aimed at addressing the frequency of trades and the trading algorithm of BTC robot for bitcoin trading in 2014. Note […]

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BTC Robot Update 1.3 And Common Questions

Hi everyone! Jonathan here. Hope everyone is doing great with their bitcoin trading. 🙂 Anyway, I am writing this post to inform you that update 1.3 for BTC robot has been released and applied for all users. Hence, even if you are on the Silver plan, there is no action needed on your part. Here’s […]

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BitStamp Support Added And My Aggressive Results

  Hey Guys! Jonathan here. Just want to let you in on an interesting update that has taken place in the BTC Robot development recently. A third BTC marketplace, BitStamp has been added to the tracking platform in the BTC Robot member’s area. Therefore, the robot will now be tracking 3 BTC marketplaces to make […]

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BTC Robot Mode Setting Update

  Hey guys! Jonathan here with a very important update on the mode setting of your btc robot. Please use Aggressive mode only. Why? Personally, I have been using the Medium Risk setting for close to 2 months now and it is not delivering the results that I am expecting when compared to the btc robot […]

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BTC Robot Update 1.1 Released And Bitcoin Payment Accepted Now

Hello bitcoin traders! Jonathan here with a quick update on the latest development for BTC Robot. Firstly, BTC Robot update 1.1 has been released. Secondly, bitcoins are being accepted as a form of payment for the robot now. Isn’t it fantastic? 🙂 Here is a summary of what this update entails: 1. It addresses the […]

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